Sea Buckthorn Oil: What Should You Know?


If you use natural remedies to supplement your health, one you may have come across is sea buckthorn oil. Many people claim it can help combat a number of ailments, so we have a breakdown of facts about this oil and what people use it for.

What It Is

Sea buckthorn plant are deciduous shrubs that typically grow in dry, sandy areas. The fruit, leaves, and flowers of the bush are all harvested to make different medicines, but the oil can either be extracted from the berries or the seeds. Look for sea buckthorn oils that are exacted using a clean process, such as Co2 Critical. The oil can be consumed in several forms, most notably as soft gels and juice, though some people will also put it in foods and skin creams.

What It Does

One of the most common uses for buckthorn oil is to help treat skin diseases such as acne and eczema. Sea buckthorn oil benefits for skin also range as far as promoting the healing of sunburns, bedsores, cuts, and a number of other problems.

Since this oil is high in antioxidants, it’s also often used as a general immune system builder. Many people buy sea buckthorn berry oil online and add it to their daily routines for various other properties. For instance, its anti-inflammatory and liver-cleansing properties mean that people take it to help prevent cancer. Its omega-7s may provide some relief for those suffering adrenal fatigue. It also may help regulate blood sugar, which is good for people with diabetes, and it also may help lower cholesterol, which can boost your cardiovascular health.


Sea Berry is Sea Buckthorn

High in the Himalayan valleys of Leh and Nubra grows a little orange berry packed with over 190 bioactive compounds. Growing wild there for over 1300 years, this nutrient dense sea buckthorn berry is the whole reason SIBU even exists.

Most commonly know as Sea Buckthorn, this berry does not grow by the sea, but its’ shrubs do tout fairly ominous thorns. It thrives naturally in sandy soil at altitudes from 4000 – 14000 feet above sea level, mainly in Asia and throughout Europe. There are many names by which this little superfruit is known. Sea Buckthorn (obviously), sanddorn, sallowthorn and Sea Berry, as we call it at SIBU, are just a few of them.

SIBU packaging was updated in 2016 and we chose to replace Sea Buckthorn with the more “beautiful sounding” Sea Berry.

SIBU is committed to providing the highest quality skin care products available and to making sure that the Sea Berry we use is the best and most nutrient dense available. All SIBU Sea Berries grow at 12000-13000 feet above sea level and are harvested by hand as they have been for centuries. Turkestanica, ssp. is the only subspecies of Sea Berry that we harvest due to its’ high omega 7 content and unmatched nutrient profile.

The Sea Berry harvest takes place each year in early fall and lasts for a short 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, enough berries will be harvested and processed to support our manufacturing needs for the coming year. It’s important to note that SIBU’s fair trade and sustainable practices ensure that the local villagers who harvest the berries are paid fair and living wages and that there will be wild-crafted Sea Berries available for many more centuries to come.

The benefits of Sea Berry provide beautiful, healthy skin and whole body health for all ages, male and female. If you’d like more information on those benefits and on how SIBU came to be, please visit our website, www.sibu.com. Until next time, stay beautiful!

SIBU for EVERY Skin Type

Sibu Beauty with its four original products was launched in retail stores in 2009. The original line consisted of Cleanse & Detox Soap, Repair & Protect Face Cream, Cellular Support Soft Gels and Liquid Supplement for Hair, Skin & Nails. Next to join the SIBU family in 2010 were Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Age Defying Eye Cream and Moisturizing Body Cream. In 2011, we ventured further in to the anti-aging category with the Balancing Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Serum and Replenishing Night Cream.  Clarifying Toner, Purifying Clay Mask and Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub rounded out the skin care line in 2012, followed by the addition of two new sea buckthorn supplements in 2014. Sibu 7 Pure and Sibu 7 Fruit Oil introduced a new focus on the additional benefits of Omega 7 for whole body health.

A brand revolution took place in 2016 when Sibu Beauty transitioned in to SIBU Sea Berry Therapy.  Beautiful, sophisticated new packaging and targeted messaging geared toward those with “problematic skin” took center stage. Though the products continued to be ideal for all skin types, the focus was put on rescuing problematic skin from the symptoms of skin situations such as Rosacea, Eczema and acne.

Though sea berry and the sea berry seed oil are incredibly effective at improving and relieving skin irritation, it’s important to remember that they provide many additional benefits both topically and internally. Since the launch of our new packaging, we’ve received a lot of questions and feedback in regards to the mention of problematic skin on the package.

It’s time to set the record straight! From the very beginning, SIBU has had something to offer anyone who wants skin that looks and feels its best every day. The decision has been made to drop the “rescue for problematic skin” tagline and get back to our roots of “beauty” from the inside out. We are excited to introduce our “Stay Beautiful” campaign that will include short videos and blog posts featuring the benefits of seaberry, soaps, and SIBU for EVERY skin type. Be sure to check in often to learn more about all that SIBU has to offer YOU. Until next time, “Stay Beautiful”!

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The Sea Berry Harvest Begins!

High in the Himalayan desert regions of India and Tibet, sea buckthorn, a thorny shrub dense with bright and bitter orange berries, grows wild like a weed. Scrappy and hard to harvest, sea buckthorn or sea berry is a superfruit and a game changer for beautiful, healthy skin.

SIBU’s Turkestanica sea berries grow exclusively in the Leh & Nubra valleys of northern India where they are harvested during a short 4-6 week period in the early fall.  Turkestanica is the most nutrient dense of all sea buckthorn subspecies due to the harsh environment in which it grows.  The harvest is a time for celebration in these remote villages of the Himalayan Highlands.  SIBU hires co-ops of local village women who hand harvest the berries as it has been done for generations.  Great pride is taken in the commitment SIBU has made to these villagers. Fair trade and sustainable practices provide income for many individuals and families throughout the region.

Almost 90 percent of the world’s sea berry (sea buckthorn) forests are found in India and Tibet.  High altitude, dry heat, severe cold, and hardscrabble soil combine to produce a fruit rich in over 190 bioactive compounds including antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E; fatty acids, flavonoids, and carotenoids; and skin-fortifying trace minerals such as selenium, zinc, copper, sulfur, potassium and magnesium.

Sea berry is considered a miracle fruit because it yields the highest natural concentrations of omega 7s available and is rich in omega 3s and 6s. Unlike omegas 3 and 6, omega 7 (palmitoleic acid), a lesser known omega, is not an essential fatty acid and therefore our bodies do synthesize it.  However, because of our modern-day diets we don’t get enough of the components to make omega 7 naturally.  As we age, our production of omega 7 begins to decrease and the need for it in our bodies increases.

Clinical studies have shown that omega 7, taken internally and applied topically, is an elixir for the skin: It soothes eczema and helps clear up acne; stimulates collagen production, keeps skin firm, aids in elasticity; strengthens hair and nails; and promotes tissue regeneration. It also benefits cardiovascular, liver, and brain function and improves the metabolism.

SIBU’s Omega-7 supplements provide an excellent Vegan source of the omega fatty acids, especially for those struggling with vegan collagen options.  Whether you prefer an easy-to-swallow soft gel or a morning “shot” of  Omega-7 Pure, the benefits of sea berry are certain to give you the boost you need for both whole body health and natural beauty.