Model & Actress Emma J. Purvey: Project for Ovarian Cancer

Model & actress Emma J. Purvey has worked with SIBU this past year, sharing her beauty, modeling skin care tips and favorite SIBU products through Instagram (@emmaukny) and sibu.com,  and she has a very important project that she’d like to share with you.

Emma is a vegan as you may or may not know and lives holistically.

When Emma found out her mum had ovarian cancer, she became her personal nutritionist and was on a mission to help mum beat this disease. After interviewing 3 nutritionists herself, she discovered she was more knowledgeable then these “professionals”. Witnessing the absolute disconnect between supporting the body and western medicine alarmed Emma. As anyone who has experienced this knows, watching someone you love go through this changes you.

As a result Emma designed a tee shirt to help fund her first documentary on nutritional awareness within ovarian cancer, to help those going through similar challenges. 

The tee shirt was designed by Emma in New York and made in LA. This is a labor of love and Emma is already considering other designs to add to this one. There are a limited number of tee shirts designed and they will be going on sale this spring.

The website for the tee shirt is in its final stages and in the meantime you can follow the progress and get all necessary information on the Instagram page @lovetruthplants

Be sure to follow Emma at @lovetruthplants on Instagram and keep an eye out for the website launch and style inspiration for your tee & help support a great cause!

“I felt so alone and I was desperately seeking positive stories when I found out about my mum and so this documentary is a positive, proactive story of inspiration” – Emma J Purvey


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Women – Integral Part of SIBU and Agents for a Better World

Empowerment and equal treatment of women are central tenets to Sibu’s business and culture and also the harvesting and propagation of our prized botanical around the world. This notion is also a necessary key to improving the culture we live in and that of the entire world.

From day-1, women have been an integral part of our operation.

The majority of people doing the hand-harvesting of our berries in the Tibetan cultural part of the Indian Himalayas, organized by a local co-operative that SIBU helped put in place, are local women. This work is ideal for local women because they can harvest as much or as little as they have time to harvest and are paid by the weight of the product they bring to our local processing stations. It is an empowering kind of job that rewards them the same as the men and allows them to supplement their household income when and where it is most convenient.

This operation SIBU arranged earned an in-person Thank You and acknowledgment by the Dalai Lama himself. (One location that he lives part of the time is a stone’s throw from some of the wild sea buckthorn groves we harvest from in an area called Shey.)

SIBU would like to recognize some of the great female influencers of our time that helped the world recognize a need for gender equality. A few of these include:

  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Billie Jean King
  • Rosa Parks
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Princess Dianna
  • J. K. Rowling
  • Malala Yousafzai
  • millions and millions more…

We have far to go to realize the equality these thought leaders foresaw and continue to strive for in our world. SIBU supports such leaders and believes their vision will help make this a better world.