For a limited time, we’re offering you a bottle of Luxe Oil ($59.95 Value) ABSOLUTELY FREE in exchange for a brief video testimonial, detailing your experience with our product. Your video requirements & instructions for submission are listed below


  • Video must be recorded in high-quality digital format (Apple, Android, SLR, etc.)
  • Video must not exceed 1:30 (min/sec) in length

Tips for recording your video:

  • Please note that your video does not require any “high production value” – Simply filming from your phone, in a comfortable and visually pleasant environment is exactly what we’re looking for
  • Please place your recording device on a stable surface to avoid movement while filming
  • Using your Apple or Android device, orient your camera horizontally so that your video is captured in full screen
  • Choose a quiet environment- Indoor or outdoor is great – but think peaceful park or back yard are opposed to the middle of a busy city. Quite living room as opposed to TV, Radio, or family noise in the background.
  • Be sure that your recording environment is well lit

Topics to Cover in your video (please choose only those that are applicable to you):

  • What is the biggest benefit you’ve noticed since starting your Luxe Oil regimen?
  • What (if any) skin conditions have been remedied by Luxe Oil?
  • How has Luxe Oil provided results while others have missed the mark?
  • Is Luxe Oil worth the cost?
  • Would you recommend Luxe Oil to friends and family?
  • Have you experienced any unexpected benefits from Luxe Oil?

Once your video is recorded and complete, email it directly to [email protected] – you’ll get a response within 2-3 business days with tracking details for your FREE Luxe Oil!

*PLEASE NOTE: We may use your video testimonial on our website, our social marketing platforms, and in our email marketing efforts. By submitting your video you give SIBU full permission to do so.