What is your “must have” skin care product?  What are your most pressing skin concerns?

If fine lines and wrinkles or the prevention of such top that list then you need to keep reading. The first place we begin to see fine lines and wrinkles is around our eyes and this isn’t only for those of us pushing 40 or 50. Contact lens wearers, allergy sufferers, and past sun worshipers can all benefit from a good, quality eye cream.

SIBU’s Age Defying Eye cream is packed with ingredients that really improve the look and feel of the delicate skin in the eye area. Sea berry & pumpkin seed oils strengthen and firm the skin while cruciferous, or plant ingredients help reduce puffiness and dark circles. And of course the benefits of Hyaluronic acid target those fine lines and wrinkles! The skin around the eye area needs special care and attention. Don’t miss out on this great SIBU offer! Buy one Age Defying Eye Cream and get a second Age Defying Eye Cream FREE!

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