Mind Body Green: Why You Should Be Eating More Omega 7

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The Healthy Fat No One Talks About & Why You Should Be Eating It

We’ve all heard of healthy fats and the most commonly known, omega 3. But have you heard of omega 7? Probably not.

Omega 7 is a healthy fat that is essential in keeping our mucous membranes, skin, and internal linings strong, healthy and moisturized.

No, it’s not an “essential” fatty acid and our body creates certain levels of this on its own, but the fact of the matter is, we don’t produce enough to gain any real benefit. There are many “reasons” why this is true, but one culprit is our western style diet. The foods we eat just don’t provide our body what it needs to produce the natural, necessary nutrients to operate at optimum levels

So we supplement with powerful, high nutrient, whole foods.

Even for those of us already eating healthy, organic fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, the soils in which they’re grown can be so used and depleted that it would take 5x-10x the amount of food today to get the same nutritional value than it would have 50 years ago. Whole foods and the nutrients they carry are critical to maintaining and improving our health. Don’t take our word for it. The information is out there. Eat more omega 7! >>>Mind Body Green posted a great article on omega 7, it’s benefits, and why you should be eating more of it. Click here to read the full piece.